I cannot login to the account page. What do I do?

Make sure you disable ad/script blockers, and enable 3rd party cookies, and don't visit the account page from a private browsing window, then try visiting https://shop.theotakubox.com/account/login again. Let me know if this does the trick, and if not, try a different browser (preferably Chrome or Safari).

I did all the above and I'm still having problems.

1) You need to be using a modern phone with a high resolution in order to properly view your account on a mobile device. If you have an older phone, you'll want to access your account from a laptop, desktop, or tablet instead. 

2) Clear your cache/cookies and make sure you’re not using a private window or incognito mode and make sure you’re not using a script and/or ad blocker and that you’re not blocking 3rd party cookies 

3) Try a different browser (I recommend Safari or Chrome)

If you still do not have access to the account, you may have entered your email address wrong at checkout. Email me at support@theotakubox.com for assistance. 

Aug 1, 2022

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