What kind of figure is in the anime box?

I include mini-figures, free figures, and prize figures in the box.

NOTE: The prize figure replaces the mini-figure. It's a box upgrade.

You will always receive a figure in the box, but you decide whether to promote the mini-figure to a prize figure.
Free figures are 1:12, and prize figures are 1:9. I try to keep a variety of different figure positions. The prize figure price is $19.99, and you have to upgrade your box to receive it.

The future Prize figures depend on your vote. Every month you vote for your favorite characters. The top 5 characters (anime) have a chance to be turned into a prize figure.

You will also receive a mini-figure of me :) with a subscription level up - Master (3 months), Hero (6 months), Legendary (12 months).

The exclusive full scale figure of me (😝) only comes in an Annual box subscription.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me at support@theotakubox.com.

Thank you for being a subscriber - Liz 🌸

Apr 6, 2023

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