How does the Otaku Community/Forum Work?

The Otaku Forum is a place for anyone interested in anime, manga, figures, gaming, and any other hobbies. This is a safe place for anyone to discuss, rant, talk, and share.
Important notice: This is a 13+ community!

Any user under this age limit will be instantly removed from the platform.

Any NSFW content will not be allowed.

What I love to see

  • Posts about your favorite anime, merch, and hobbies.
  • Posts supporting other talented Otaku Fam members.
  • Your questions, ideas, and suggestions.
  • Positive and constructive input.

What I don’t like

  • Discrimination, harassment, and hate speech.
  • Self-promotion or marketing spam.
  • Explicit, violent, or disturbing content.
  • Anyone who goes against these guidelines will be removed from this community.

Perks and Levels

Anyone is allowed to join the Otaku Fam Community.

  • Here your activity is rewarded with special badges and trust levels!
  • If you are a Legendary Otaku box subscriber or were in the past, you are eligible to join the Legendary Lounge. To apply for the Legendary Lounge (IF you are not in there yet), please send the e-mail address you used to subscribe to The Otaku Box, and your Community Name to, and you will be upgraded!

*All activity and good Community behavior will be rewarded by upgraded Trust levels, ultimately giving you the status of Moderator!

Trust Lvl 0: New User is the standard level for all new users.
You are able to like, comment, have a card background, and invite new users.

Trust Lvl 1: Basic User can be reached by entering 5 topics, reading 5 posts, and spending 60 minutes on the forum.
At this level, you are allowed to create a topic, share links, edit posts, send personal messages, flag posts, embed media, and upload profile backgrounds.

Trust Lvl 2: Member is allowed to create a topic, share links, edit posts, send personal messages, flag posts, embed media, upload profile backgrounds, edit Wiki posts and ignore posts from their feed.

Trust Lvl 3: Moderator can post self-made Wiki, moderate other people’s posts, and keep the Otaku Forum a safe and fun place for everyone!

Hope to see you there! Liz 🌸

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