• How do I cancel?

    You can cancel at any time, there is no penalty or fee, simply follow this link and fill out the request (select to cancel your subscription). Please note that all Otaku Box subscriptions are self-managed and you will be billed monthly until/unless you cancel. ...
  • How do I cancel a box order?

    All orders/purchases are final. An order cannot be canceled in your customer account. Please make sure you want the box before you complete your purchase. I can make exceptions in some cases when you contact me right after the order was made (but again, why did you order it 😆) and cancel the orde...
  • I accidentally cancelled! Can you restore my subscription?

    Wow, how did you do that? 😆 Please contact me at Thank you for being a subscriber - Liz 🌸
  • I canceled and was still billed. What's up with that?

    You did not cancel 24 hours before the 1st (UTC time) or you have a duplicate subscription. Period. My system can't bill you if you've cancelled as described above.
  • I cancelled my subscription. Do I still get the box I paid for?

    There is a difference between a subscription and a order. When you signed up you ordered a box and enrolled in a subscription. Canceling the subscription means you will not be billed again in the future, but it does not affect an order. I do not offer refunds on orders unless it was a double char...
  • I don't have enough money for this month and I didn't cancel in time. What do I do?

    The billing system will try the card the up to 20th of the month (UTC time). If there is not a successful charge, the billing system will automatically cancel the subscription. Sorry, this means you will also lose the levels you have gained. I cannot restore levels if your subscription is cancele...
  • I don't want next month's box, when should I cancel?

    You are billed for the next month's box on the 1st (UTC time) of the month. Please cancel at least 24 hours before the re-bill date, just like I said in all the emails and text messages I sent you when you subscribed.
  • I haven't gotten my first box, but I am now being billed for my second?

    Sorry, but depending on your location in the world shipping times can greatly vary. Also, with COVID-19, shipping times have really gotten long. In general, it depends on when you've ordered your first box. All first boxes ordered up to the 7th of the month are shipped on the 24th. If you've mad...
  • I want to apply a coupon to an existing subscription. How do I do that?

    Coupons are only valid for non-subscribers. Sorry!
  • What's the refund policy?

    Since I’ve reserved the spot and box for you, I can’t offer a refund after you’ve been billed. I also do not offer refunds if you are not happy with your box. However, you may cancel at any time and you will not be billed for future boxes. Remember, I've sent you about a half a dozen emails and a...
  • When am I billed?

    As a new subscriber, you are billed for your first box at checkout. Make sure to check the prices and what you've added to the box. The box price starts at $29.95. You will be charged again on the 1st of the month, even if you subscribe on the last day of the ongoing month. If you don't want to...
  • Why was I charged a different amount than what is on the website?

    All prices are in USD. If you don't live in America, the price will be converted from your country's currency. Currency exchange is a pain. You may also get charged a currency conversion fee by your bank. Don't complain about it to me, I'm not your bank.